भारतीय रेल्वे मन्त्री सुरेश प्रभुसँग वीउवासङ्घको भेटघाट सम्पन्न । वीउवासङ्घद्वारा ऊर्जा मन्त्री जनार्दन शर्मासँग भेटघाट । राजदूत उपाध्यायसँग सङ्घका उपाध्यक्ष गुप्ताको भेटघाट सम्पन्न । Indo-Nepal Trade & Transit Issues सम्बन्धमा छलफल सम्पन्न । भारतीय राजदूत महामहिम रञ्जित रेको बिदाई समारोह सम्पन्न । औद्योगिक सुरक्षा बल, सिमराको भवन उद्घाटन । नेपाल विद्युत प्राधिकरण, सिमराका प्रमुख सञ्जीव साहसँग भेटघाट । औद्योगिक ऊर्जा व्यवस्थापन सम्बन्धी तालिम सम्पन्न । सङ्घका अध्यक्ष ओमप्रकाश शर्माद्वारा रिले अनसन कार्यक्रमको उद्घाटन । सङ्घद्वारा भारतीय महावाणिज्यदूत बी.सी. प्रधानको स्वागत कार्यक्रम सम्पन्न ।औद्योगिक ऊर्जा व्यवस्थापन सम्बन्धी तालिम उद्घाटन । सङ्घका अध्यक्ष ओमप्रकाश शर्माद्वारा डाइग्नोस्टिक सेन्टरको उद्घाटन । पर्सा–बारा लोडसेडिङ्गमुक्त हुने । वातावरण सम्बन्धी सचेतनामूलक कार्यक्रम सम्पन्न । सेफर वीरगञ्जलाई चेक हस्तान्तरण
पीडीएफ मुद्रण इमेल

Partners & Programs

Birganj Chamber of Commerce & Industries has conducted various programs in cooperation with Donor and Support Organisations. The programs have always been aimed at the improvement and welfare of the industries and smaller production units. We have encouraged programs varying from topics such as Environment to child labour to Cleaner Production. Management and Employee relationship has also been our prime concern and the chamber has always supported activities, proposals etc. concerning the same.

ESPS (Environment sector Programme Support):
ESPS/IEM (Institute of Environmental Management) and BiCCI have completed one phase of the Cleaner Production Programme. Nine Industries joined the program in this phase and have benefited from the same. The main objective of the program was to identify the wastes and utilize the same in a manner so as to benefit the industry and save the environment. Whenever there was a need of fund for the addition of new Technology, ESPS/IEM have provided soft loans to the industries which has helped them to improve their products. And they have also been motivated into the direction of environment friendly products. In this phase with an investment of NRs. 14 million, the Industries are expected to benefit to around NRs. 24 million. So, with a pay back period of around 7 months, this investment can be well justified.Now within a period of 8 months, from the launch of the First phase, ESPS/IEM/BiCCI have been able to launch the second phase of the CP programme. Twelve industries have joined the programme. This Programme will last for a period of 5½ months. And we are more than optimistic regarding the outcome.

SMEDP (Small and Medium Enterprise Development Project):
Mr. Govind Dev Pandey, Executive Director, of SMEDP has always shown a positive approach towards the development of entrepreneurs and small scale industries in Nepal. In Birganj, Women Entrepreneurs Association of Nepal headed by Mrs. Shanti Chaddha, has conducted various seminars and workshops in the past to ensure the development of Women Entrepreneurs at Birganj. Recently, a District level wortkshop was conducted in cooperation with SMEDP for the 'Enhancement of Participation of Women in the Enterprises'.

PSPP (Private Sector Promotion Project):
PSPP/ BiCCI have been partners for a very long time now. And with the support of Mr. Harihar Subedi, Resident Representative of PSPP, we have been able to conduct various programmes for the benefit of the private sector. PSPP has helped in the secretarial development by providing trainings to the staffs on various aspects of functioning. We are also invited from time to time at National level seminars and workshops organised by PSPP. This helps in the improvement of the management and ensures proper functioning of the chamber.

PSPP has been assisting our chamber in upgrading its staff output by providing trainings and funding study visits. Study visits are very important and this is helping our members understand their position and improve their services in accordance with the practices of other chambers.

ICL Certifications Nepal Pvt. Ltd:
BiCCI and ICL Certification Nepal Pvt. Ltd. have joined hands to help the member companies to acquire ISO 9001:2000 QMS certification at suitable discounted price. The chamber has trained one staff as a Qualified certification Auditor for ISO 9001:2000. And so Advisory and Consultancy services can be provided to the members. This is an additional service provided by this chamber. This program is helping members adopt internationally accepted quality management systems, which is enhancing their competitiveness. And many companies have acquired the ISO 9001:2000 certification.

Trade Promotion Centre:
The Trade Promotion Centre, Kathmandu after studying the various sectors of Nepal, has obliged to open a Branch Office at this Chamber. With the functioning of this TPC, we expect to enhance Exports and at the same time ensure smooth functioning of the business from this region. We no longer have to take our problems to Kathmandu.


Social Contribution
Birganj Chamber of Commerce and Industries has always contributed towards the development and welfare of society. It has played an important role in the developmental activities of the sub-metropolitan city office as well as the District Development Committee. It has also helped in the sustainability of many NGOs and social organizations. From time to time BiCCI has conducted programs and trainings for the creation of job opportunities and upgradation of technical hands. The contributions that have created landmarks are as follows:

  • In 1973 AD, BiCCI contributed Rs. 51,000/- towards the renovation and upgrading of the then deteriorating and ramshackle structures of the Singha Durbar (now Parliament House).
  • In 1974 AD, His Holiness Shankaracharya himself laid the foundation stone of the famous 'Shankaracharya Gate', at the entrance point of Nepal through Birganj. The Construction was carried out with financial assistance of BiCCI.
  • Under the leadership of Shri Hari Pd. Giri, the then president of BiCCI began the construction of 'Bal Mandir' at Adarshnagar.
  • BiCCI constructed the King Birendra coronation pillar with in its complex which was inaugurated by Dr. Tulsi Giri, the then prime minister of Nepal in 1976 AD.
  • In 1980, when several districts in the western region of Nepal were suffering from the after effects of a devastating earthquake, BiCCI contributed Rs. 51,101/- towards relief operations for the victims. Later it contributed food and relief materials for the victims.
  • BiCCI contributed NRs. 9.93 millions for the construction of Her Majesty Queen Aishwarya Maternity Hospital, which was inaugurated by His Majesty Kind Birendra in 1982. In the same year at a cost of NRs. 252 thousand, a statue of Her Majesty Queen Aishwarya was constructed and installed in the compound of the Hospital.
  • In 1982, a statue of Poet Bhanu Bhakta was erected at Bhanu Chowk(the name came into effect after the erection), Birganj from BiCCI contribution.
  • BiCCI has contributed NRs.350 thousand towards the construction of District Child Welfare Committee building at Birganj.
  • BiCCI has constructed a waiting hall for the Narayani Sub- regional Hospital at a total cost of NRs. 260 thousand